Neology Files Another Round of Patents Against Federal Signal Corporation

Neology has filed a second lawsuit against Federal Signal and related companies for patent infringement. This follows the filing by Neology in Delaware of a patent infringement case against Federal Signal alleging infringement of 6 U.S. patents. In the Delaware case, Neology also moved for a preliminary injunction based on 3 of the 6 patents in the suit. In the latest lawsuit, Neology is asserting infringement of 2 more U.S. patents. Neology has a portfolio of 140 patents and its parent company has well over 370 patents worldwide. Neology continues to review its U.S. and foreign patents, including in such jurisdictions as Mexico, Taiwan, and Europe, and is prepared to assert more patents as appropriate. Neology has invested significantly in what it believes is one of the leading RFID patent portfolios in the world and will continue to take whatever actions are necessary to defend its intellectual property.

The latest lawsuit demands that Federal Signal immediately and permanently stop directly or indirectly making, using, selling or offering for sale, importing or exporting, all infringing products.

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